LIVE DEMO VoiceStak in Action: Capture customer feedback of your website visitors.

Never lose another customer

Start to listen to the feedback your prospects and customers are giving you. 

Directly from your pages. 

Make them feel heard and see how your business elevates to the next level.

With leads and customers who not only rave about your service but come back again 

and again, cause they now know, like and trust you. 

Why this works?

Cause you care about them.

Makes sense?

Read on.


thanks for checking out VoiceStak, the best Audio and Video Collector for your websites.

VoiceStak does something truly unique:

By having the ability to capture visitor voice and video messages, you can connect with your site visitors on a truly unique, new level.


Directly from your page now you give your customers and leads the possibility to interact with you in a safe-for-them-environment. 

No download needed. 

No pushy customer support questions. 

No salesy communcation that makes them feel uncomfortable. 

Connect with them in a trust-zone. 

Let them speak, directly from their heart. 

And use their messages to better understand what's going on in their minds. 

Be it in post-sales situations. 

Pre-sell questions/doubts.

General feedback or requirements.

Directly from your pages, open up for them the opportunity to share what's on their mind.

With a simple click of a button. 

Directly from their desktop, tablet or mobile.

VoiceStak makes this possible for you. In only minutes from now.

Well, think about it:

All it takes is one (1!) bad experience for you to lose your prospect or customer FOREVER! 

Avoid this becoming a domino effect!

Did you know the "normal" website has a bounce rate (that's how many potential customers leave without any action on the page) is +97%????

That's crazy!

That actually means that out of a 100 people you attracted to your page. Only 3 make a second step (like signing up or contacting customer support with a concern or click a product...)

And before you know... like a thief in the night, your competition comes in and swoops up your customers and your profits… Cause these people NEVER come back. Adios profit. Adios ad-spend to attract them in the first place. And Adios a potential sale!

Act fast!

Because sadly enough, most businesses don't even know this is happening to them. 

And it's why many of them fail miserably, online. 

Out of the hundreds and even thousands of people who visit your website, 

Do you know why the majority of visitors are leaving your website without taking any action?

You can dramatically change their experience simply by listening!

 By listening to the feedback your own prospects and customers are providing. 

This is a GOLD MINEfor your business that you are most probably currently ignoring!

Don’t lose another great feedback from your customer ever again!

Collect Feedback like these, in minutes from now, from your page.






Don't do what most of your competitors do. Cause it's wrong!

However, most businesses will try to survey visitors. Attempt to get them to call you, or even chat with you on your website. 

And while this sounds great, the truth of the matter is that most visitors aren't ready to be put in that position. 

Why should they care?

They came to your page to find a solution to their problem.

And within a matter of seconds… they’re gone. Forever.

Bye bye… never see them again. 

97% of your current visitors are bouncing. Fact!

And you know how hard it is to get traffic to your pages. 

And if you paid for them to see your ad it hurts double. 

Hurts your business. Hurts your cashflow. 

There’s a better way:

So how do you accomplish getting feedback and valuable insights in your page visitors’ thinking without being like a pushy or annoying salesperson?

Imagine if you could capture the feedback and suggestions of visitors and customers without forcing them with a high pressure phone call or chat box on your website…

That's where VoiceStak comes in (READ ON!):

VoiceStak is a powerful platform that allows your website visitors and customers to send video and voice messages directly to you.

Right from their computer, mobile phone or tablet.

And best of all, there's no software to download.

What makes VoiceStak so different is the ability

 for your prospect or customer to have their voice heard. 


Makes sense by now?

This is a direct line of communication with your audience.

They feel save, cause you don't push them to nothing. 

They click a button and connect with you.


Listening to your website visitors directly impacts every aspect of your business. 

Now let me show you how it works:

1) First you'll create a new campaign and give your widget a name. 

2) Then you choose from a wide variety of appearance options like where you want your widget to appear on your site (design of your widget, color scheme and text.)

Now you’re able to see exactly what the experience will look like for your visitors based on your design preferences by clicking the live preview area. 

No coding needed! 

Comes right out of the box. 

Done for you!

VoiceStak then allows you to integrate with many apps that you already use in your business:

List-building included!

Build your lead capture forms and integrate with your favorite email autoresponder so that every visitor that uses VoiceStak will automatically become an email subscriber on your list. 


Use the email and SMS notification features to have an email and or text message sent directly to your inbox and mobile phone each time you receive a new messenger. 

This allows for quick 1-click access and an immediate response if necessary. 


Add your support email address to allow visitors to automatically create a support ticket that gets set to your help desk along with the attached message that they just left you. 


The final step is to simply copy the embed code directly from VoiceStak’s code generator and paste it onto each page or pages you want your widget to appear. 

That's it! You're ready to start accepting audio and video messages from your visitors gathering. 

Do what small, medium, and even billion dollar brands like Zappos do to grow their businesses. 

With VoiceStak you create a personal relationship with your visitors. Because people do business with people that they know, like, and trust. 

And this is exactly what VoiceStak helps you to do.

VoiceStak also improves your business with gathering feedback from real visitors and customers. 

Because with VoiceStak, you are now able to gain repeat business again and again

So what are you waiting for?

Click below to get started now. 

Literally minutes from now you could be having the same little widget like on this page on your websites.

Giving your customers and prospects the chance to give you golden feedback. 

And the best of all. If you buy today you will not be limited to how many pages you can use the widget on. 

Click the Buy NOW button now and get your VoiceStak going for you on your pages.

Just connect your Autoresponder and start increasing your list!

VoiceStak integrates out of the box with these popular Autoresponders:

Your Autoresponder Software is not listed? Don't worry. You can also include ANY autoresponder's code snippet to make VoiceStak work with your own choice of email-service.

No problem!

HAVE A QUESTION? -> leave us your feedback. Use the VoiceStak Widget and we will be in contact with you promptly.

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