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**I am grumpy and I am mean. Grumpy if you waste my time. And mean: WITH my time.** 

So You Want To Build An Online Empire...

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"That's a weird website", people tell me. But hey(!) that's MY website. And YOU WANT something here, ok? So IF you want to get through to my pearls of online success wisdom, do both of us a favor... see if you resonate, first. Cause I ain't easy. I don't mess around and I do NOT sugar-coat nothing. So if you think the heat's not for you here, there's a link to google for you at the end of this site. Consider it a "service" to save both of us time... Best, MIKE FOLLOW.

From the desk of Mike Follow
W-Hotel, Hollywood Drive (where I should be partying on the roof-top with an easy drink in my hands. Pool. Eye-contact with some of LA's finest bikini-chicks.)

And you better be sure that I will go up there in just a minute. After I feel better better here..., cause:

Look, I'm in a bad mood already.

Just got off the phone. With a young lady.

Let's call her the "business owner" (to protect her privacy).

She runs a website with some sort of girlie stuff. (Stickers for gift boxes on a subscription basis or some sh* like that.)

She's been hunting my team down now for the past weeks. And begged them to get a call from me. 

She needed to speak to me. 


"Urgently." (Well... 😉 )

"Cause all is so weird with her business now." 

"She makes a ton of money": (not so shabby so far, ain't it, but wait, there's more!

"Her backend sucks completely."

"And she works her ass off."

"Day and night. Created herself another JOB." (Just Over Broke!)

And although she's fit, she starts losing weight. (Who complains about that normally, eh!)

Because of all the stress in her business. (well, that sucks of course...)

And now her husband and the 2 year old kid start hating her. (Can you blame them?!

We've got the picture here, don't we. 

Clear case: Started an online "thingy"... invests her life in it... has no plan... no clue... and still makes some money.



She doesn't know exactly why. 

And that makes her nervous. (And will eventually kill her business. Sooner or later.)

Now, if you know anything about me, you know this: 

**I am grumpy and I am mean. Grumpy if you waste my time. And mean: WITH my time.** 


     (and you can have the cutest little ass in the world!)... 

whoever takes out +30 minutes of my life to 'pick my brain'. 

Takes notes (every word I say). 

And tells me at the end of the call that she's just so afraid to invest in her business. 

And so confused now. But thanks me for all I taught her (for free of course). 

And will now search more free stuff on the net. 

Research more into her problem to come up with a solution. 

For her marketing.

For her funnels.

For her brand.

For her <insert more bullshit here>...

Has understood nothing. It doesn't work like THAT!

Listen lady... you were nice, but you don't make my day today!

Lovably, please f*off! Cause it's really a waste of my and your time

You didn't understand what I told you. Cause you can't. It's not even your fault.

And if you did understand it.

You cannot install it. 

Cause again: Just cheaply googling around. Chasing free stuff. Knowing better (when you don't). 

Is just not gonna break it through for ya. It ain't work that way. Never did. Never will.

**Stuff costs. Always did always will.** 

And the better stuff, the more it costs. 

That's a capitalist fact. 

And if you hate money and you hate capitalism, what about "time" is an investment, as well. 

You need to invest many many many hours, and fix many many many errors until you get it.

OR: You get someone WHO gets it.

But don't waste their time.

Now am I in a bad mood NOT because she insisted on the call.


I LOVE doing that. 

I am here to help and LOVE to see you BLOSSOM and SHINE!

For me it's the best feeling to use what I've learnt works and implement it for and with you. 

I am in a bad mood, cause I(!) wasted my time

Because she didn't buy?

NO, man. You don't STILL get it (yet). 

It's not about me selling anything to her. 

(My online sales machines sell 24 hours every day. If not to her, then to someone who gets it. And needs it more.

And I am sure btw that she will buy in a few weeks cause she will loop back to the point she was before the call. And maybe she gets it then.)

I am in a bad mood, cause I wasted almost 1 hour. 

1 hour that never comes back. 

ONE HOUR of my life. 

1 HOUR of me chilling in the pool upstairs, celebrating GIN-o-clock, celebrating life. 

I keep doing that. Trying to help people by telling them the truth. 

Telling them un-filtered what their problem is. 

(And you know what?  I don't want to be right, ever.- But I'm always right. 

And you know why?

100% of the times I am right. 

Cause this is not about me. 

It's just me reflecting back what you tell me, when you consult with me. 

And if I feel ya, if I know I was there and found a solution to the same problem, I tell you. 

(And if I don't I simply shut my mouth.)

I know that's not guru-style, but you see. 

That's what I am allergic to. Gurus = Idiots.

**I have an idiot-allergy**

I know she isn't there yet mentally. 

To be successful you need to be mentally well. 

**Success is a system.**

Success is a strategy.



These are 3 facts that you can debate (just not with me!) or you can agree to. 

If you agree, you will love to check out my programs and masterminds. 

See here, if you qualify and are ready enough yet to invest in your successful online future.

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